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University Student


I first met Brendan through a mutual friend, I had suffered for many years from psoriasis and Brendan introduced me to coffee enemas and other alternative forms of holistic therapy/treatment. After so many years of being plagued with psoriasis, Brendan advised me and helped to alleviate the problem.


Brendan was extremely professional, proficient, but very friendly throughout the entire process. Before administering the coffee enema Brendan thoroughly guided me through the steps/stages and was there on hand to assist me during the procedure, offering support and advice when necessary/needed whilst respecting my privacy. Any anxiousness about the treatment was soon allayed. Brendan’s gentle, reassuring but humorous approach helped to put me at ease considering the potential awkwardness of certain treatments. Brendan stresses comfort during treatment and he went to great lengths to ensure that I was comfortable.


Brendan is incredibly thorough and meticulous, carefully analysing the body and the results of any treatment that he happens to be administering/overseeing. Brendan is clearly very highly skilled and knowledgeable, he scrupulously answered any questions/concerns and provided support to back up his treatment. I contacted Brendan on numerous occasions seeking advice and help on a range of topics and he was always there to give me guidance. Brendan was incredibly supportive throughout the time that I spent with him and was thoughtful of my needs and requirements. Brendan doesn’t just specialise in one method of therapy/treatment but employs a range of holistic approaches/techniques/treatments with the aim of detoxifying and rejuvenating the body in order to restore health and wellbeing. Brendan doesn’t just administer a treatment, he also informs and educates, which allowed me to truly understand what I was doing and why I was doing it, which is incredibly important.


Brendan is conscientious and insightful and offers thoughtful advice, I felt so much better and understood my body so much more as a result of spending time with Brendan and administering the treatments that he introduced to me. I was transformed through the help of Brendan’s insight and treatment with Brendan also inspiring, encouraging and motivating me to take much more responsibility for how I treated my body/my health and wellbeing. Brendan is an accomplished practitioner with a heartfelt enthusiasm and zeal, he truly cares about others and goes the extra mile to help people through their problems. He not only helped me physically but also offered mental and even spiritual instruction/guidance/counselling.


It requires an extensive degree of expertise and experience to achieve healthful results and Brendan has that, I would highly recommend him.


Thank you so much for helping and educating me!


Private Health Carer

"Hi, my name is Stacey Jones and I am thirty years old.


Ever since I was a young kid (I can’t really remember when it started) I have always struggled with my colon and severe stomach pains. I was in and out of hospital and hospitalised for a year, having to take medicine which didn’t help, and felt stressed and uncomfortable most of the time. I then had to have a camera put down me to investigate. I remember the doctor also suggesting that I get a colostomy bag, but I refused as I didn’t want to lose the ability of being able to use my colon properly and have it taken out. Even through my teenage years and my twenties I struggled with my severe IBS condition.


Around this time, I heard about Brendan, who was practicing in natural health. When I went to him for help, he assisted me in taking a series of natural health products and took me through a variety of treatments. Since I started taking Brendan’s guidance and help, I have seen major improvements with my IBS, and it is now stable and under control. I haven’t had any stomach pains and when eating (a fully vegan diet as professionally advised) my food is being digested better.


I have been at such ease doing the enemas, colonics, dietary programmes and other treatments. I have more energy being at work, at home, out and about and much more. I’ve felt more like myself and I’m now happier about life in general. 


Since starting this journey, I have not had to take any medication! I will still continue to use Brendan’s help in the future and would recommend his help to anyone!"


Business Owner

Hello, my name is Grant.


I got to know about cleansing the colon and what it can do for my body through my natural health practitioner and colon hydrotherapist Brendan Veale.


I learned all about coffee enemas from Brendan almost two and a half years ago now. I had never really been an overweight person, but about two years ago I started to drink a lot of alcohol. I had a taste for alcohol that went out of control! I put weight on my arms, legs and had a great amount of water retention around my gut, and lost feeling sensation in my finger tips causing me to struggle when picking up the smallest item like a tin of paint. Since cleansing my body; which is my temple, it has led me into a deeper spiritual awareness and relationship with my heavenly father YaHuWaH, the creator. My clarity of thought is better when studying the Torah and His instructions.


Brendan, a man of YaHuWaH, came to me and showed me how to cleanse my colon. When I cleanse, I rest and clean out the old. Through cleansing, I can now use the parts of my body a lot better and my health is very good. Also, the water retention and fat on my body is gone and I have full sensation restored in my finger tips after many years. 


To this day, I continue to go to Brendan for help and advice.

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